Fantasy Of Love

19 February 1999

I find myself to be alone
when you and your love will be gone,
because there’s no star in the sky
that could equal to the sparkle in your eye.

Let me take you to a place
where nobody knows your face.
You can live in harmony
when you are beside me.

I will take you out of the boys
who make you crazy through their noise.
We will come to see the place once more
where we were a thousand days before.

Our life is like a fantasy
where there’s no time for reality.
You’re the queen and I’m the king;
and forever, our love will keep burning.

We will live together
starting now and forever.
Every day I will be at your side
and our love will keep us alive.

I will be very said if you say goodbye.
It would hurt so bad that could make me cry.
Even if it’s time for you to rest,
I know you still feel me inside your chest.

I got a call one summer night.
You said you’re on tomorrow’s flights.
Your happy voices can’t be heard
just like a sick singing bird.

I wonder what will happen tomorrow.
Would my happiness be replaced by sorrows?
It doesn’t matter anymore;
I thought that love would last forevermore.

I’m not that kind of guy
who can make your heart cry.
I don’t care if you don’t like the way I walk
but please listen every time I talk.

I think there’s no God to follow.
Why did He give me lots of sorrows?
I think there won’t be a hell below
because that thing never shows.

What’s the use of understanding
if there’s no religion or believing,
there’s no confession and no deceiving?
Of course there will be no time for loving.

I know there will be a time
that you and your love will be mine.
You want that you’re the only one.
My answer to that is, ‘it will be done’.

kenn jimena

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