Since You’re Here Around

6 April 1999

I don’t know how to love you.
Please tell me what to do.
Girl, I don’t want you to go.
You’re all I have, you know.

I have some poems for you darling
because I can’t hide my feelings.
I can’t wait to say I love you
but I’m afraid that you’ll go.

I found love in your ways
even just some few lazy days.
There’s one thing you should know,
I will still live for you tomorrow.

I guess I’m crazy.
Crazy for you, can’t you see?
If you say that I will cry,
I will do it even there’s no reason why.

My heart is longing for your love
and I will give all that I have.
I want to be with you all the time.
A day with you is a special valentine.

We maybe an ocean away,
still, I can hear whatever you say.
I’m a young man that is crazy
because loving you will never be easy.

A day without you in my sight
never makes me feel good at night.
I want that we’ll be together
from now until all the days are over.

There’s a place where dreams are apart
but you still paint your love all over my heart.
Please give me another chance
to prove to you my sweet romance.

We’re living under one sun,
where you and I used to run.
Here is where I always be
when I feel so sad and lonely.

Girl, there are no more words to say.
I just need you every night and every day.
It hurts me if we are apart.
I could say that you’re the cry of my heart.

Every time I call you on the phone,
I’m thinking that we are both alone.
You know that I am not pretending.
You know that my love is not just an acting.

You’re all I want from the start,
so please don’t ever break my heart.
You’re more that a good friend
and this love will surely never end.

You know it’s hard to say goodbye.
It will hurt and it will make me cry.
You know there’s love that I found
since you are here around.

kenn jimena

* original image appears in link

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