Remember This

3 August 1999

When I fall in love, it will be forever,
and because of you, I feel much stronger.
I know you can send me an angel
because that’s what I always feel.

The wise say, ‘the fools the in’,
but I’m sure to love you isn’t a sin.
Maybe you don’t know what I mean
and I know you’re shy to complain.

I heard a song with lines like this,
‘a kiss will be a kiss,
and a sigh will be a sigh’.
Funny it’s still there though time goes by.

If I fall in love with a woman,
I will give anything I can.
Just like what I am doing here,
not tired just to win.

It happened ‘cause your love’s what I want to take.
My inspiration to you is what I make.
I don’t want to tell my love story,
and all I want is your love and my glory.

kenn jimena

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