24 April 2002

She is the very sweet morning dew
that every man wanted a regular view.
Like a flower that opens her petals
to show that she’s worth to be ideal.
Her eyes hide behind her eyebrows
to show people what she can show.
Her lips are like paintings of blood
that flows from the heart to give love.
Her cheeks wanted a raw kiss of a man.
Not a few can do, only the selected one.
Her breasts are round, not too bog nor small
that every man just could not ignore.
Her hair is like a dangerous black hole,
too dark that magnets masculine people.
Her skin’s neither too dark nor white.
You can recognize her even in the night.
I saw her naked, it was accidental.
Her untaken body is like a Hispanic guitar.
How I wish I could take her own.
Plant my seed by a bitter-sweet connection.
I will share my blood and life to her,
to produce new, to produce another.
But her smile stops my green plans
and tells me that she’s my wanted woman.

kenn jimena

* original image owned by link

I Bit My Lip

4 April 2002

I bit my lip wanting to be free
and break the chains and weights in me.
I bit my lip wanting to soar and fly
like birds and clouds up in the sky.

I bit my lip every time I look at your picture
with tears in my eyes I just ignore.
I bit my lip remembering what we did before
and sometimes glimpse to do it once more.

I bit my lip every time I feel too sad,
all I do is pray and ask help from God.
I bit my lip forcing myself to forget you
but I just can’t because of what’s been through.

I bit my lip recalling you that night;
we were both holding hands so tight.
I bit my lip because I just can’t forget,
I can’t forget that night you bit my lip.

kenn jimena

* original image appears in link