Gracias Grace

11 May 2002

Gracias Grace for the love you gave.
Gracias Grace although you already left.
I could not forget to remember you,
Most of it when the night we do—

Gracias Grace for the memories that are sweet.
Gracias Grace for the night we both sweat.
I can’t forget to recall our strength.
The best of the night’s everlasting length.

Gracias Grace when we fought each other.
If we have not, I may never find another.
Gracias Grace when you hurt me real strong.
If not, I may never know that I was wrong.

kenn jimena

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Perfect Smile

7 May 2002

I want to feel your touch like an angel
so the heat of your heart I could feel.
Give me a little time to spend it with you.
Please give me a chance before you go.

Yes, I am shy and don’t speak time to time,
looking away every time your eyes meet mine.
I’m afraid of your naive looks in mishaps.
I’m not brave, a coward perhaps.

My dreams will turn to a shallow crying
‘cause I might not see you the next morning.
I’ve never felt like this since I knew you
so please please don’t you ever go.

I know I am late for letting you know.
Very very late, it’s time for you to go.
If there’s something to remind me of you always,
it’s a perfect smile from you. A sweet caress.

kenn jimena

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929 PM

1 May 2002

Nine minutes to nine in the nighttime
But there’s no sign to tell me you’re mine.
Nine minutes past to leave the hour of nine,
Yet, I’ve waited to the never showing sign.

I’ve waited for the signs night after night.
Sometimes I see things turn to black and white.
I’ve waited and what I get are mosquito bites,
But to wait for you, I really cannot fight.

Nine minutes to nine slave my whole life through.
I’ve waited for your signs so I can say I love you.
I asked myself to know the things I must do.
Should I stay and wait or should I go?