Michelle VII

5 July 2002

I finished eight big bottles of beer
Because I remember you Michelle.
My mother asked what’s wrong with me,
I said it’s about a story that’s being sorry.

I asked more and a bottle of whiskey
As my teardrops are falling slowly.
I saw Michelle dancing in my glass
As I finished the whiskey very fast.

I started to shout her name so loud,
Shouting I love her with tears but proud.
Dozens of iced-cubes melted in my hands,
Why Michelle couldn’t understand?

Pictures of Michelle are everywhere
As I open another big bottle of beer.
My father found me sitting on the floor,
Finding out all his beers were no more.

I noticed the world is spinning around,
And found myself lying on the ground.
Still, Michelle is the word I say
While the liquor slowly ends my day.

kenn jimena

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