Shallow Gayety IV

29 March 2004

I apologize for whatever I might say,
Whom I adore is this Lady Gidgette Gaye.
It was written in the stars in the skies
Every time the tears fall from my eyes.
I lay on my pillow and I can’t sleep,
And I think of her, I just can’t help.

I decided to ride the lightning tonight
For hiding this love makes me feel not right.
What would be my face in the new day
If I’ll see her, this Lady Gidgette Gaye?
I’m one of the fools roaming around
As I put myself deep down of the ground.

I could tear myself with my shallow gayety
As I let her be loved by somebody.
What a fool I am with Lady Gidgette Gaye.
Though she’ll be gone, I love her anyway.
Forgive me for all that I have said,
Whatever may happen, I will never change.

kenn jimena

* original image appears in link

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