Oh! My Failure

9 June 2009

I can’t speak out its spelling,
I can’t explain this very feeling,
can’t even tell what I am having.
Oh my! Beautiful but no meaning.

You’re there but can’t talk to you,
you’re there but don’t know what to do,
can’t even get an inch though I want to.
Oh my! I don’t want you to go.

Just a smell I get from your hair,
Just a view of your face out there,
and a message for you to know I care.
Oh my! I always wish you’re here.

kenn jimena

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5 June 2009

This mind I just couldn’t control,
I’m seeing you in the centerfold.
This paper I just couldn’t hold,
I’m touching you but you are cold.

It’s a different game that I couldn’t play,
I’m not supposed to think this way.
I can feel you near though you’re far away,
I can hear you without a word you say.

This paper is on the horizon of my soul,
though it’s cold, I feel like I’m whole.
This picture of you in the centerfold,
I’ll keep it till the day I grow old.

kenn jimena

* original image appears in link
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