It Takes Time (Love Cycle)

10 September 2009

Glance, stare, and look.
Move, closer, and talk.
Smile, laughter, and walk.
Missing, calling, and stalk.

Quotes, poems, and letters.
Gifts, chocolates, and flowers.
Security, bodyguard, and fetcher.
Home, school, and everywhere.

Dinner, proposal, and ring.
Gown, souvenirs, and setting.
Invitations, priest, and wedding.
Hotel, honeymoon, and family planning.

kenn jimena

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7 September 2009

You swam in my soul through my veins.
You laughed and got wet with me through the rain.
You picked the words and planted in my brain.
You puzzled my pieces once again.

You rode my adventures and gains.
You listened to my heartaches and pains.
You stayed though they say I’m insane.
You brought me life once again.

You gave me light at times that I’m blind.
You shared what’s yours when I can’t find.
You read me things I can’t define.
You are there though you are not mine.

You helped me when I can’t stand.
You taught me when I can’t understand.
You have loved me though I can’t.
You have loved me more though it’s not right.

kenn jimena

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Faithful Departed

1 September 2009

She sat by the window and opened her diary,
read every page and closed her eyes gently.
She looked down and embraced herself,
dropped her tears but had no one to help.

She saw his picture as she’s in the next page,
and she recalled what they had in the ages.
No one had ever loved her more but him,
and the promise they made is still there.

So she wiped and kissed his picture that night.
On the other hand, she held the diary tight.
All she can do is to keep those things to her.
Since he parted, things are not the same again.

She knew he is happy to where he’s now,
all she can offer is a prayer and her vow.
A vow that she will love no one but him,
a vow to love him till the day they’ll meet again.

kenn jimena

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