Lady In Red

27 February 2010

You rest your head on a clenched fist.
What’s your problem? I can’t guess.
Wish you’re my lady, I’m the guest,
Because your smile is one of the sweetest.

Your shirt captured the corner of my eyes.
I can’t hide, I just can’t make any lie.
Sweet, sweet, my mind starts to cry.
But I can’t, you’re there, I am shy.

Lady in red, you’re a flaming desire.
You set my mind in a place of fire.
Wow! That’s the word I just can’t hire,
For my tongue is tied with the phone’s wire.

You smile, you do it without hesitation.
The way you look is a sweet sensation.
Can I kiss you? Ha-ha! It’s my imagination.
A fantasy. Truly a man’s passion.

I just can’t get you off of this stupid head.
I am suddenly stuck, I am truly stranded.
It’s my treasure to be with you, done and said.
Sweet picture of you, oh lady in red.

kenn jimena

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My Juvenilia

8 February 2010

Countless days have passed in my heart.
Too many people who’ve been its part.
Restless mind from the very start.
I never thought of this kind of art.

I’ve been bumped by a car when I was six.
At eight I’ve been to a doctor for I am sick.
When I was twelve I had these poxes of chicks,
And I never thought that life is a heck.

Unread love letters piled in my drawer.
Most of the time I’m with my pen and paper.
Crayons, pastels, canvas and my eraser.
I almost forgot what life has to offer.

Songs, guitars, drums and noise.
These made me feel more than a boy.
Been attracted to their beauty and poise,
But never did tried to be any girl’s toy.

I was afraid, too afraid for I’m young.
Weakened by stories and what they’ve become.
Not until I knew her thinking she’s the one.
I know it’s time because I am now a man.

kenn jimena

Be My Valentine

1 February 2010

I’ve been thinking this since last week,
It made me smile, it made me sick.
I’ve few questions that need your answers.
Would you mind? Would you consider?

Shall I bring roses and white chocolates?
Would it be better if our dinner’s with a candle stick?
These made me play tricks in my mind.
Too many answers I need to find.

Would it be okay if it’s only teddy bear?
If you don’t mind, I only have a love letter.
It will be sealed with hugs and kisses.
More than that is a prayer to bless.

‘Whew!’ and ‘Gulp!’ are about to be said.
Don’t pity me, I’m happy indeed.
So before I will ask you to be mine,
Will you mind to be my valentine?

kenn jimena

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