Be My Valentine

1 February 2010

I’ve been thinking this since last week,
It made me smile, it made me sick.
I’ve few questions that need your answers.
Would you mind? Would you consider?

Shall I bring roses and white chocolates?
Would it be better if our dinner’s with a candle stick?
These made me play tricks in my mind.
Too many answers I need to find.

Would it be okay if it’s only teddy bear?
If you don’t mind, I only have a love letter.
It will be sealed with hugs and kisses.
More than that is a prayer to bless.

‘Whew!’ and ‘Gulp!’ are about to be said.
Don’t pity me, I’m happy indeed.
So before I will ask you to be mine,
Will you mind to be my valentine?

kenn jimena

* original image appears in link

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