My Juvenilia

8 February 2010

Countless days have passed in my heart.
Too many people who’ve been its part.
Restless mind from the very start.
I never thought of this kind of art.

I’ve been bumped by a car when I was six.
At eight I’ve been to a doctor for I am sick.
When I was twelve I had these poxes of chicks,
And I never thought that life is a heck.

Unread love letters piled in my drawer.
Most of the time I’m with my pen and paper.
Crayons, pastels, canvas and my eraser.
I almost forgot what life has to offer.

Songs, guitars, drums and noise.
These made me feel more than a boy.
Been attracted to their beauty and poise,
But never did tried to be any girl’s toy.

I was afraid, too afraid for I’m young.
Weakened by stories and what they’ve become.
Not until I knew her thinking she’s the one.
I know it’s time because I am now a man.

kenn jimena

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