Lady In Red

27 February 2010

You rest your head on a clenched fist.
What’s your problem? I can’t guess.
Wish you’re my lady, I’m the guest,
Because your smile is one of the sweetest.

Your shirt captured the corner of my eyes.
I can’t hide, I just can’t make any lie.
Sweet, sweet, my mind starts to cry.
But I can’t, you’re there, I am shy.

Lady in red, you’re a flaming desire.
You set my mind in a place of fire.
Wow! That’s the word I just can’t hire,
For my tongue is tied with the phone’s wire.

You smile, you do it without hesitation.
The way you look is a sweet sensation.
Can I kiss you? Ha-ha! It’s my imagination.
A fantasy. Truly a man’s passion.

I just can’t get you off of this stupid head.
I am suddenly stuck, I am truly stranded.
It’s my treasure to be with you, done and said.
Sweet picture of you, oh lady in red.

kenn jimena

* original image appears in link

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