Someday My Princess Will Come

24 March 2010

Truly this place is filled with enchantments.
Fairies, talking animals, insects, and elves.
These will amaze the women, men, girls, and boys.
It’s beyond imagination better than puppets and toys.

What else would you ask if you have magic in your hands?
You could have anything with a wave of your wand.
A talking cat on his boots and sharp sword,
And a mirror who knows everything by its words.

I could praise a tinker who dusts us and let us fly,
With a boy whose shadows’ stays away but he never cries.
Someday I will wish on a star to find my princess.
Fight the dragons in dungeons, destroy walls and fences.

I am scared but I don’t care if I will turn into a frog.
Leap on thousand lilies and stay on a quiet pond.
Talk with fishes and crocs, but with a little fun,
Because I know I’m sure someday my princess will come.

Oh! I will build an army and fight the evil queen.
Ride my stallion, wear my armor, and lead my men.
Conquer on the battlefield and widen my kingdom.
This will be my gift to my princess the time she’ll come.

kenn jimena

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24 March 2010

There are many things that time could not explain.
So I smile and laugh to hide away all the pains.
These wounds in my soul would seemed not to heal,
I cry, I drop a tear, and loneliness is too real.

We may never find each other ever again,
This world is full of strangers and strange things.
I’ve been abandoned and never find my home.
Please don’t make me cry and stay in my room.

This life was never been right and balance.
You’re up there and I can’t even have a glance.
I’m here below and was never given a chance
To be near you and simply smell your fragrance.

Will you come back again to see me waiting?
Will you stay free just like what I am doing?
I know these smiles I give are getting fake,
But to fight the missing of you I could not take.

I feel being trashed, dumped, and wasted.
Can’t wait to see you again so I get too excited.
Hush, pacify, calm, relax, that’s what I’ll do.
I’ll be patient, faithful, and hopeful, in waiting for you.

kenn jimena

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Moonlight Sonata

24 March 2010

The moonlight sonata is in the room.
Into my ears, veins, and to my groins.
It seems too sweet to hear the groan,
It feels so extreme to hear the moan.

Catching your breath so I could breathe in,
Touching your neck, touching you skin.
We both feel the excitement and cream.
We feel so strong and ready for extreme.

I hear you whisper but can’t catch the words,
Your eyes are simply spinning our world.
It’s true what others have already told,
It’s true what the things that I’ve heard.

The moonlight sonata lingers the place.
The bed squeaks but we didn’t notice.
I can see the satisfaction on your face.
I can see it that you are amazed.

kenn jimena

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20 March 2010

It’s too dark and I can’t see Jenny.
She’s on my mind the way it used to be.
Though I don’t love her as a lover,
I still do the way I used to know her.

Thinking of her wearing her smile,
I could walk more than a hundred mile.
She flickers then lights up my night.
Just like tonight, I just can’t sleep tight.

She’ll be just like someone I care.
A big whale in a shallow narrow river.
Too hard to catch with my bare hands,
But I know someday she’ll understand.

It’s too shallow but I can’t catch Jenny,
I’m in too deep but no hope for me.
She’s not my lover and never will I.
For both of us, we were just an alibi.

What’s the problem? We need not to fight.
Just one smile and we will be alright.
You need not to hang me on the line.
It’s too dark if you don’t give me a smile.

We’re getting old and we never noticed.
Don’t be cruel, I’m asking you, please.
You could have my dignity and pride.
Just promise me we will never fight.

kenn jimena

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Blood And Love

14 March 2010

I can see the spark in your eyes,
but I don’t mind the thirst so I disguise.
I need to smell you and keep it in
’cause I can feel the pain in my veins.

My eyes are burning and I can’t wait,
I’m torn between love, lust and hate.
I need to grab you and pluck your neck
before the moon at the west will set.

I could feel your heart pumps its blood,
the scent I smell is all I could have.
I can’t help but to love you more,
let me drink your blood as my liquor.

Will you allow me to bite you slow?
Will it be okay after you will know?
I thirst for your undying love,
but I too thirst to suck your blood.

So lie down now and ready your lips,
I’ll kiss your body then bite your neck.
I’ll do it fast so you’ll feel no pain,
I’ll be gentle and my fangs are clean.

I love you and that will be forever.
like your blood, I will be sweeter.
It don’t matter what we both are,
blood and love, man and vampire.

kenn jimena

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Aalis Ka Na

9 March 2010

Aalis ka ngayon, iiwan na ako.
Parang kailan lang, nakilala mo’ko.
Puno ng tawanan, parang ‘di seryoso,
dahil tinatago’ng letsing pag-ibig ‘to.

Bakit ‘di masabi itong aking dasal?
Para kang panata, laging inuusal.
Sa’yong mga ngiti ako nakasandal
upang ang araw ko ay hindi mabuwal.

Ngunit aalis ka at ngayon na iyon.
Pait sa damdamin, dama ko maghapon.
Naghalo na lahat, pawis, luha’t sipon.
Tawanan mo na’ko, aalis ka ngayon.

Maghihintay ako sa’yong pagbabalik.
Hindi man magsulat, ako’y masasabik.
Dadamhin ko lagi iyong mga halik,
at kahit man lamang sa aking paghilik.

Sana’y mahawakan iyong mga kamay,
ang alaala mo ay pang-alis lumbay.
Hindi maiinip, ako’y maghihintay.
Laging tatandaan, mahal kang tunay.

kenn jimena

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9 March 2010

Young and tender,
You’ll always be remembered.
Sweet little sixteen,
But when?
Years ago, ten years ago.
I could never tell,
I may never will.
Today’s the day,
Twenty-six I say.

Young at heart,
You’ll be my part.
Sweet little sixteen,
Added by ten.
Please stay the same,
Please be my sweet sixteen.

Young and always be young,
You’ll be the one.
Sweet little sixteen,
Please tell me when.
When will I see you again?
Ten years ago, you’re sixteen.
Five and ten days to go, you’re nowhere.
Will I see you again
My sweet sixteen plus ten?

kenn jimena

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