Blood And Love

14 March 2010

I can see the spark in your eyes,
but I don’t mind the thirst so I disguise.
I need to smell you and keep it in
’cause I can feel the pain in my veins.

My eyes are burning and I can’t wait,
I’m torn between love, lust and hate.
I need to grab you and pluck your neck
before the moon at the west will set.

I could feel your heart pumps its blood,
the scent I smell is all I could have.
I can’t help but to love you more,
let me drink your blood as my liquor.

Will you allow me to bite you slow?
Will it be okay after you will know?
I thirst for your undying love,
but I too thirst to suck your blood.

So lie down now and ready your lips,
I’ll kiss your body then bite your neck.
I’ll do it fast so you’ll feel no pain,
I’ll be gentle and my fangs are clean.

I love you and that will be forever.
like your blood, I will be sweeter.
It don’t matter what we both are,
blood and love, man and vampire.

kenn jimena

* original image appears in link

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