20 March 2010

It’s too dark and I can’t see Jenny.
She’s on my mind the way it used to be.
Though I don’t love her as a lover,
I still do the way I used to know her.

Thinking of her wearing her smile,
I could walk more than a hundred mile.
She flickers then lights up my night.
Just like tonight, I just can’t sleep tight.

She’ll be just like someone I care.
A big whale in a shallow narrow river.
Too hard to catch with my bare hands,
But I know someday she’ll understand.

It’s too shallow but I can’t catch Jenny,
I’m in too deep but no hope for me.
She’s not my lover and never will I.
For both of us, we were just an alibi.

What’s the problem? We need not to fight.
Just one smile and we will be alright.
You need not to hang me on the line.
It’s too dark if you don’t give me a smile.

We’re getting old and we never noticed.
Don’t be cruel, I’m asking you, please.
You could have my dignity and pride.
Just promise me we will never fight.

kenn jimena

* original image appears in link

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