24 March 2010

There are many things that time could not explain.
So I smile and laugh to hide away all the pains.
These wounds in my soul would seemed not to heal,
I cry, I drop a tear, and loneliness is too real.

We may never find each other ever again,
This world is full of strangers and strange things.
I’ve been abandoned and never find my home.
Please don’t make me cry and stay in my room.

This life was never been right and balance.
You’re up there and I can’t even have a glance.
I’m here below and was never given a chance
To be near you and simply smell your fragrance.

Will you come back again to see me waiting?
Will you stay free just like what I am doing?
I know these smiles I give are getting fake,
But to fight the missing of you I could not take.

I feel being trashed, dumped, and wasted.
Can’t wait to see you again so I get too excited.
Hush, pacify, calm, relax, that’s what I’ll do.
I’ll be patient, faithful, and hopeful, in waiting for you.

kenn jimena

* original image appears in link

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