Moonlight Sonata

24 March 2010

The moonlight sonata is in the room.
Into my ears, veins, and to my groins.
It seems too sweet to hear the groan,
It feels so extreme to hear the moan.

Catching your breath so I could breathe in,
Touching your neck, touching you skin.
We both feel the excitement and cream.
We feel so strong and ready for extreme.

I hear you whisper but can’t catch the words,
Your eyes are simply spinning our world.
It’s true what others have already told,
It’s true what the things that I’ve heard.

The moonlight sonata lingers the place.
The bed squeaks but we didn’t notice.
I can see the satisfaction on your face.
I can see it that you are amazed.

kenn jimena

* original image appears in link

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