28 April 2010

Broad eyes in center of the light,
Cast your halos in gray and white.
Shot the heart that’s filled with pride,
Eat the crust in behalf of all despite.

Climb the highest hill you can,
Soaring all curves like of a woman.
Touches every skin that is very warm,
Friction to feed the need of a man.

Like Jenny climbing on a beanstalk.
Ask Gina whom we know never talks.
Read common like Johnny’s book.
Tell them all and lead the walk.

Wide eyes again through darkness.
Catch the shadows and all the mess.
Running wild without forgiveness,
Searching every need of the caress.

Goodnight is that word of all.
Demons and angels will all fall.
Johnny, Gina, Jenny, they call,
Leave the pride just like a fool.

kenn jimena

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28 April 2010

Puti nga uwak, guinpadugo sa agtang.
Saot-saot sa likod kag sa atubang.
Guintunga ang piso, guinhampol sa dughan.
Ining buluhaton, daug pa ang isa ka aswang.

Pulupangadi sang iyang kumud-kumod.
Indi man mahangpan inang iyang unod.
Huluhapa-hapa, hinali halok sa salog.
Guinlab-ot ang monyeka kag guinhabyog.

Dila sang pula nga paka ang guinsawsaw.
Guinpalangoy sa nagabukal nga sabaw.
Duku sa dalum kag tangla sa ibabaw.
Tungod sa hiwit, nagputi na ang kalimutaw.

Guinbukad na ang ang guintakaw nga buhok.
Sa monyeka, iya na nga guindasok.
Kilay gasampok, gabaga ang panulok.
Guinbayaw ang monyeka kag guinturasok.

Hirihi sa kada tuslok nga daw iya sang yawa.
Hiwit nga guinhimu, budlay na makuha.
Laway sa harakhak kag gaagay ang luha.
Hiwit… Sin-o ayhan sini ang nagtuga?

kenn jimena

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15 April 2010

I can see your face on my mirror,
I see it in my eyes like a horror.
Your eyes, our rings, our bond,
So complex that I can’t understand.

Words don’t have any meaning anymore,
My world is shut deep into its core.
I see candles, and flowers, and laces.
I see these things in different places.

You slept but never did wake up.
So in white linen you were wrapped.
Prayed by people you always love.
In your absence, no one is glad.

I smell perfumes you used to use.
I am bothered and I get so confused.
I can hear the piano you used to play,
In the summer up to the winter day.

I am down for my tears can’t wake you.
Not with my pen, nothing I could do.
You are with the stars that glitter.
I want to be with you and it bitters.

kenn jimena

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