15 April 2010

I can see your face on my mirror,
I see it in my eyes like a horror.
Your eyes, our rings, our bond,
So complex that I can’t understand.

Words don’t have any meaning anymore,
My world is shut deep into its core.
I see candles, and flowers, and laces.
I see these things in different places.

You slept but never did wake up.
So in white linen you were wrapped.
Prayed by people you always love.
In your absence, no one is glad.

I smell perfumes you used to use.
I am bothered and I get so confused.
I can hear the piano you used to play,
In the summer up to the winter day.

I am down for my tears can’t wake you.
Not with my pen, nothing I could do.
You are with the stars that glitter.
I want to be with you and it bitters.

kenn jimena

* original image appears in link

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