28 April 2010

Broad eyes in center of the light,
Cast your halos in gray and white.
Shot the heart that’s filled with pride,
Eat the crust in behalf of all despite.

Climb the highest hill you can,
Soaring all curves like of a woman.
Touches every skin that is very warm,
Friction to feed the need of a man.

Like Jenny climbing on a beanstalk.
Ask Gina whom we know never talks.
Read common like Johnny’s book.
Tell them all and lead the walk.

Wide eyes again through darkness.
Catch the shadows and all the mess.
Running wild without forgiveness,
Searching every need of the caress.

Goodnight is that word of all.
Demons and angels will all fall.
Johnny, Gina, Jenny, they call,
Leave the pride just like a fool.

kenn jimena

* original image appears in link

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