4 May 2010

Running horses on the tin roof,
hear every step of their hoofs.
Tikatak! Tikatak! They gently drop,
tears of heaven he couldn’t stop.

He pours drop after another heavy drop.
Never-ending sounds of tikatak tikatak.
I’d like to have a share of it,
but I can’t, I’m not ready to get wet.

Tikatak! Tikatak! It lingers to my ears.
These are the only sound I hear.
I can’t stop the horses from running.
I can’t stop the tears he is crying.

Beautiful! Precious! Truly and only rain.
I understand how heavy is the pain.
Let go of the burden of heavy tears.
Drop it to us; it’ll be okay because we care.

kenn jimena

* original image appears in link

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