Poor Rhoda

31 May 2010

I pity her because of the problem she had.
She’s torn between her lover and her love.
One who causes trouble but never knows.
One who is angry and with a smoking nose.

She is loved by an insisting fool,
who thinks what he’s doing is very cool,
sending her flowers, chocolates, and letters.
Though she hates him, she just can’t stop him.

On the other hand, her love is silently jealous,
thinking she likes the man with a sending clause.
He nags her and then he never talks,
and his eyes are making these flaming looks.

At time, he caught her with her open lines.
Read the message from the man he dislikes.
So he grabbed her phone and ejected the card,
break into two without making a sound.

Poor Rhoda who is suddenly confused,
she never thought that it was an act of abuse.
Poor guys who didn’t even think twice,
they made things without knowing the prize.

requested by Rhoda Oliveros

kenn jimena

* original image appears in link

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