15 June 2010

I could drag my age back to twenty-four.
I just couldn’t handle, I just couldn’t ignore.
You take away the flowers in my mind,
turn into papers but I still couldn’t find.

You’re as sweet as your smiles and stares.
For me, there’s no thing I could compare.
It’s like a missing piece you complete,
and that look from you I could not defeat.

Oh angel disguised inside a woman’s flesh,
sleep into my eyes and bless my wish.
Take a look at me as lovely as you’ll be,
and place your life to me my lovely Shirley.

Two miles away and we’ll be united.
Too far from you, I could not make it.
Shirley, Shirley, my lovely little Shirley.
You brought my lost life back to me.

-kenn jimena

* original image appears in link

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