8 November 2010

I have this, another night of restless mind.
I want to sleep but peace I couldn’t find.
I have same thoughts as I had last night.
I see images of you in the absence of light.

So I wrap myself with my blanket and sheet.
I cover my ears but silence I couldn’t get.
You still talk between my wake and my sleep.
You warm me, I sweat and I get wet.

I turn myself upside down to avoid you.
It’s almost 10PM and I know not what to do.
Still the feeling lingers this heart of mine.
I have been thinking of you before nine.

So I grab this phone and start my words.
I feel sorry for the things I should have told.
I just said good night instead of something else.
I’ll just dream of you and ignore your absence.

kenn jimena

* original image appears in link

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