9 November 2010

Life is always full of bitter-sweet surprises;
there are angels and demons on their disguises.
At times heaven is on earth to bring glory,
and happy-endings don’t happen on real stories.

But life doesn’t always go that painful way.
“Things happen for a reason”, as wise men say.
People meet because they have a purpose.
Whatever it is, be thankful and don’t oppose.

Life is real precious if we look deeply at it.
We were born and I say that life is a gift.
Trials and errors are spices to make us better.
Let us not complain to what our God has to offer.

At the end of days and judgment will come.
Our mind is worry-free of what we have done.
Life is not only what is precious to our sight.
It is always etcetera. That’s what we call life.

kenn jimena

* original image appears in link

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