The Educator II

The Educator

9 December 2010

Simply amazing the way she talks
while she teaches us things in the book.
Simple thought we could use in our walk,
no one compares to her as we look.

She waves her rod to shine our mind
and sooner we will shine to the inside.
She casts her words to its most unkind
but to make sure we’ll not be left behind.

Dearest she is when we share our downs,
and shares her words to avoid the drown.
Dear like a mother she puts down her crown,
sits with us and laugh like a clown.

Truly I say she is simply the very best.
A friend, a mother, who gives her caress.
True to herself though at times like a beast,
but to mold us to stand above the rest.

kenn jimena

* original image appear in link

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