Judas Kiss

16 December 2010

I love you Rabbi not the way others do,
not only by words but I will stand for you.
I have to do your will for the sake of all,
these I have to sacrifice so evil will fall.

I have to betray you according to your will,
not mine but what others will tell?
I who knows all your secrets, Rabbi
and I love you, but you said you have to die.

I didn’t sell you for pieces of silver,
and these deeds will mark through forever.
I have to free you from your earthly kind.
I love you and freedom you will find.

I love you Rabbi unlike the way others do.
And to what you asked, I will deliver you.
You promised me to shine among others,
like eclipse with shadows that covers.

It will be done Rabbi because I love you;
the most famous kiss is yours that I must do.
This will be written in the gospel,
it will be done according to your will.

kenn jimena

* original image owned by link

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