I’m Getting Older

29 January 2011

I’m getting older like what we supposed to.
I’m getting weaker and less we could do.
I am not afraid to die for we will all too.
My days are counted and we are nearly zero.

I’m getting rougher but it is only my skin.
I’m getting tougher but only deep within.
I have already accepted whatever may happen.
Only the end will bring me to the start again.

I’m getting richer of my friends and memories.
I’m getting more worthy of my legacies.
I will come to rest and resting means peace,
for I fulfilled all my purposes and duties.

kenn jimena

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Wedding Fantasy

27 January 2011

Everything is ready in my mind,
the ring, the flowers, the cards,
the maids and the bridal car.
All is set except for the bride.

Maybe I’m the only who’s too excited.
The calendar’s pages has been counted,
I am too busy for myself,
I who knows when to be wed.

I have to come back to my reality
that we will not be able to marry.
I’m not for her and she’s not for me.
My bride is just a fantasy.

kenn jimena

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26 January 2011

J plus P equals love.
So here I am after that.
J and P and I am the product.
What more should I ask?
J and P are gifts from God.

J and P then the four of us.
It is more than add and plus.
J and P are made to last.
What more should I ask?
J + P, the answer is us.

Jeffrey and Pacita are love.
4 Ks, Kenn, Keno, Klyde and Kath.
J and P is a simple Math.
What more should we ask?
J and P are always for us.

kenn jimena

* original image owned and modeled by Jazmine Zabala


23 January 2011

I learned when I was young
that I have to color yellow the sun,
the stars and the yellow bells,
the balloons and the daffodils.

I will paint the sky with yellow
and surely the stars will glow.
So with the banana and the mango,
the cheese with tiny holes too.

Funny how I could never forget
the honey bees and the hornets;
the lion who’s the king of the wild,
he’s yellow like giraffe the mild.

Then came the toons I suddenly heard;
cute Tweety Bird and the Big Bird,
SpongeBob with the Squarepants,
and Pooh who’s not wearing pants.

They are all yellow as I wanted them to be.
Yellow is the light that is always free.
Life is good as what we always know.
Life is good because there is yellow.

kenn jimena

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The Race

17 January 2011

I ran more than a hundred kilometer per hour.
I hustled, tasted my sweat, and it’s salty and sour.
So I squeezed the handgrip and pushed to its limit.
I leave no choice but to win the race, I know it’s sweet.

Then I was on my third turn when I lose the control.
I wiggled, zigzagged, but still managed the road.
So I hit again the fuel and moved like a falling star,
it’s my time to shine, and this race is like a war.

Two laps to go when an accident happened on the track.
It was not me, but the rider who’s tailing at my back.
His tires are busted and he was thrown to the ground,
smashed his chest by his bike and thunder’s the sound.

He was rushed to the hospital like we never expected.
The ambulance was in the race between life and death.
The race was stopped but it was just for a while.
Checkered flag was waved, I won but no smile.

I headed to the hospital as fast as I could.
I need to see my friend before anything is to be told.
Happy I was and my smile is for real, I am sure.
He is okay; the doctor said that his condition’s secure.

kenn jimena

* original image appears in link