23 January 2011

I learned when I was young
that I have to color yellow the sun,
the stars and the yellow bells,
the balloons and the daffodils.

I will paint the sky with yellow
and surely the stars will glow.
So with the banana and the mango,
the cheese with tiny holes too.

Funny how I could never forget
the honey bees and the hornets;
the lion who’s the king of the wild,
he’s yellow like giraffe the mild.

Then came the toons I suddenly heard;
cute Tweety Bird and the Big Bird,
SpongeBob with the Squarepants,
and Pooh who’s not wearing pants.

They are all yellow as I wanted them to be.
Yellow is the light that is always free.
Life is good as what we always know.
Life is good because there is yellow.

kenn jimena

* original image appears in link

2 thoughts on “Yellow”

  1. yellow…yellow…yellow… i really like your poem. where is bumblebee of transformers…the sunflowers…the lemon…hmmm

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