Crystal Ship

I’ve been watching crystal ships in my imagination.
This ship will bring peace and unite the nations,
boarded with people of diplomatic mind and actions.
This crystal ship is in my dream and it’s my creation.

I challenge you people who are more than pirates.
Ride my ship and let’s stop the killing pride and hate.
Put down your swords and guns before it’s too late.
Ride my crystal ship and no words needed for a debate.

Look at the children and what have they become.
With your warships with canon, what have you done?
Their future are in pieces and too hard to make them one.
So in my crystal ship, I’ll aboard them to all that I can.

Come on holy angels with blue wings like of the sea.
Cover my ship under your wings from their impurity.
Let not the children suffer in war, hunger, and slavery.
Take my crystal ship and set all my passengers free.

kenn jimena

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