Go Now

21 February 2013

Go Now by kennjimena

Are you going to believe to what I say?
It may bring you bad luck, mishaps, and dismay.
Go now while you still have the chance.
Don’t wait for my bad persuading instance.

I like you but I insist that you must avoid me.
Don’t wait for the things you don’t want to see.
I tell you, go now while you still can.
The things I can do can never be undone.

Didn’t you hear of what they speak of me?
Aren’t you afraid or to you it is just a mystery?
Please go now, and never ever come back
Cos your love for me may bring you heart attack.

(c) kenn jimena

Days From Now

20 February 3013

I don’t own you and I don’t hold the time too.
Days from now I will no longer be seeing you.
I don’t own anything but only the smiles you do.
For sure you will be taking a part of me when you go.

Days from now will no longer be my daily habit.
The smiles you bring I will no longer have it.
Until now I don’t know how to deal and admit,
This admiration for you will surely be hard to forget.

My lines might lost its thoughts and its rhymes.
The pen, the paper, they will soon be hard to find.
Days from now I’ll be counting the hands of time.
Why the pages of my life seems so very unkind?

I will see you then if our destinies will allow.
I will be seeing you no matter when and how.
So sad but I will just dream of you somehow,
So sad cos we will part ways days from now.

No Way (They Never Could)

They Never Could Know

17 February 2013

No way they could tell who you are.
No way they could tell you are special.
I don’t look at you the way I should.
No way they could tell, they never could.

No way they will know what you are to me.
No way they will know in things they see.
I don’t care how they see things the way I would.
No way they could know, they never could.

No way they will learn what I feel.
No way you too will learn through what I tell.
I don’t mind them and I never should.
No way they could learn about it, they never could.

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When I’m Thinking

16 February 2013

I’ve been thinking of you again tonight
And I don’t know if this is wrong or right.
Anyway, it will not matter cos they really don’t mind.
I know how to keep my secrets, I know how to hide.

Who knows what’s your age and what’s mine?
It’s an abstract that only us understand the design.
Who will discuss if one of us is young or one is old?
It’s our unwritten literature that is yet to be told.

I’ve been thinking of you tonight like no one will
And if this is not appropriate, who can tell?
Here in my mind you’re my queen and I’m your king.
It’s kind a stupid but who will stop me from thinking?

I’ll be Jimmy and you’ll be my Joni everytime I dream,
And I’ll be waiting until I will dream of you again.
Who knows what surprises our future will bring?
I’m not sure but I know I’ll see you when I’m thinking.

Against Time


8 February 2013

I was twice your age four years ago.
That was two years before we met.
I was twice as I am in pretending cos I admire you.
That was twice as stupid as we knew.

What was I thinking four years after?
I still disguise cos I know they will not understand.
What was I thinking will not make things better.
I still have to disguise that I admire you my dear.

Though waiting for you will not happen.
Another dozen of years may bring us tears.
Though waiting will just be filled with pain.
Another man may come to make you smile again.