When I’m Thinking

16 February 2013

I’ve been thinking of you again tonight
And I don’t know if this is wrong or right.
Anyway, it will not matter cos they really don’t mind.
I know how to keep my secrets, I know how to hide.

Who knows what’s your age and what’s mine?
It’s an abstract that only us understand the design.
Who will discuss if one of us is young or one is old?
It’s our unwritten literature that is yet to be told.

I’ve been thinking of you tonight like no one will
And if this is not appropriate, who can tell?
Here in my mind you’re my queen and I’m your king.
It’s kind a stupid but who will stop me from thinking?

I’ll be Jimmy and you’ll be my Joni everytime I dream,
And I’ll be waiting until I will dream of you again.
Who knows what surprises our future will bring?
I’m not sure but I know I’ll see you when I’m thinking.

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