In His Will

1 June 2013

I got up from my bed with a smile on my face.
I know I am still blessed with heaven’s grace.
I talked to Him and said my little daily prayer.
Asked His guidance and protection for me to bear.

I idled for a while for something came into my head.
I remembered you like when I’m in my last night’s bed.
So I closed my eyes once more and called His name again,
That He may also protect and guide you away from evil things.

And now I’m writing this to let you know I remember you,
You are someone I should have known a long time ago.
I care for you though you may not feel it this time.
It ain’t owning, but in His will someday I may call you mine.

Just Like The Rain

31 May 2013

I can’t help myself, I can’t resist.
I can’t ignore, it persist.
I’m out of control, that is true.
I can’t avoid, I think of you.

See the rain? It pours heavily.
Just like you, you’re heavenly.
They’re from above, I cannot stop.
Just like me, I’m a crap.

Forgive me if I am like this.
You are someone I always miss.
Just like the rain, I cried.
It may not be visible, it’s inside.

I Love Numbers

30 May 2013

I love numbers more than I did before
But I struggle with words though I could do more.
I lost my rhythm to the tunes I used to play
And I can hardly utter what I ought to say.

I love numbers but I lost my arithmetic
And because of this I’m hopelessly romantic.
I lost my rhyme, my beat, and my tune.
With all of these, I still search for a solution.

I love numbers more than I could imagine
But what I mean to you is hard to determine.
I lost my rhythm but I don’t have to worry.
What really matter is what you are to me.

I love numbers more and that’s because of you.
You may have doubts on me but this is true.
I lost my rhymes and perhaps my words, too.
I won’t worry! To you, there’s so much I could do.

kenn jimena

She Was There In My Dreams

29 May 2013

She was there in my dreams even before I knew her.
In my cold and unmoving nights she was there.
She was there and I never thought of the reality
In my sanity and insanity, she was my fantasy.

She was there though my mind is truly shattered
In my silent and lonely night she was there.
She was there and I can’t accept what happened.
In my dreams and daydreams, she was within.

She divided my mind half of truth and half of lies.
In absence of my illusions I chose to deny.
She broke my heart though I really avoided to.
That she is strange and someone I don’t know.

She casted gestures I can’t measure by view.
In my heart and in my soul, she was someone new.
She broke my heart and yes it is something true.
That she is weird… and that she is you.

That Smile

25 May 2013

It’s your smile i am missing.
Smile that’s worth keeping.
It’s your smile i need to see.
Smile that i thought was for me.

I know not what to do now.
That smile fade away somehow.
I know i have no reason at all.
That smile simply made me fall.

I’m getting crazy because if it.
That smile is now hard to get.
I’m getting insane of what i feel.
That smile is now out of nowhere.


24 May 2013

A lovely lady came to me with tears in her eyes
I could see it though I can’t hear her cry.
I know not what to do but offered her a gentle smile,
Then I asked what happened with a little sigh.

She told me everything though we just met that day.
I paid an ear to the stories of pain and nothing i could say.
My lips started to shake and my tongue rolled in.
I pity her because her man, a man that is insane.

She said she couldn’t take the secrets anymore.
Secrets that made her suffer but she can’t ignore.
She wanted to leave him but she does still care.
My heart bled with her stories i couldn’t bear.

But instead to cast anger and walk my rage,
I spell words to her that may help her pain fade.
I’m a man and I should be fair to what I feel.
Anger is no help, it will just bring hope to ill.

But she has decided what to do with her life,
That sometimes she must lift herself with a little pride.
Let him go for the sake of all good things to happen.
For love to expose instead of being hidden.

Requested by & Dedicated to: M.A.U.JAY

Such A Fool

22 May 2013

I have a secret place here in my mind
Where hidden thoughts of you they can’t find.
Now it’s heavy and it’s crashing my head
Added by the pieces of words you just said.

It keeps me awake though I avoid it to happen.
It lingers but I don’t know if it’s really pain.
I want to explode so this will turn into pieces.
Shattered bit by bit and fine as ashes.

I really want to convince you but I rather not.
This may lead our learning to immediately stop.
Come what may but my hope is still strong.
Chances are thin but I choose to go on.

I need you to know I’m happy this way.
Happy to be with you day after another day.
I’m such a fool for you to share such thoughts.
It’s okay as long as it will erase your doubts.