Part Of My Whole

17 September 2019

Sketch the scars on your heart by melodies you sing.
Draw the lines on your forehead by memories it bring.
Crush my bones with the words you deny but you feel.
Slash my skin with smiles but never be mine to tell.

Can’t you hear the riff I strum and play on my mind?
Don’t you care the beat of your heart you long to find?
And when people ask me of what I have been told,
I will just say that I am young and that you are old.

Time comes that I will just look away from your presence.
Please understand that I need to ignore your existence.
Though it will burden me to the depts of my soul,
One way or another, you’ve been a part of my whole.

Paint my life with the precious times you spent with me.
Color my world with your music and lovely melody.
Sing with me the beautiful songs we both like to listen.
Hold my hand for once and stop my heart from crying.

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