I Have To For Me

2 November 2013

I have to close my eyes so I can see.
To see things what they supposed to be.
To witness what they do against me.
I have to close my eyes for me to see.

I have to zip my lips so I can speak.
To say the words that I can’t take.
To shout to the world that I am not weak.
I have to zip my lips for me to speak.

I have to cover my ears so I can hear.
To pay attention to what is unclear.
To listen to the noise of the world of fear.
I have to cover my ears for me to hear.

I have to stop my heart so I can feel.
To touch one’s soul made of steel.
To care to those hearts that need to heal.
I have to stop my heart for me to feel.


23 January 2011

I learned when I was young
that I have to color yellow the sun,
the stars and the yellow bells,
the balloons and the daffodils.

I will paint the sky with yellow
and surely the stars will glow.
So with the banana and the mango,
the cheese with tiny holes too.

Funny how I could never forget
the honey bees and the hornets;
the lion who’s the king of the wild,
he’s yellow like giraffe the mild.

Then came the toons I suddenly heard;
cute Tweety Bird and the Big Bird,
SpongeBob with the Squarepants,
and Pooh who’s not wearing pants.

They are all yellow as I wanted them to be.
Yellow is the light that is always free.
Life is good as what we always know.
Life is good because there is yellow.

kenn jimena

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23 July 2010

Mabalik guid maski ano mo katabog.
Pati katuluyhon mo, gulpi lang matabog.
Pungko, higda, maski pagtindog,
indi guid kalikaw sa linti nga lamok.

May kututon ka sa dalum sang ilok,
Anu man nga hampak, indi malab-ot.
Indi guid mapunggan ang pagpangutot
Gani hala, sigeha pa guid nga kalot.

Gulpi mo lang tampaon imu guya.
Pagtupa sang kamot, kundi namula.
Lamok nga indi mo kaisa makita,
Patraidor ang pag-atake niya.

Indi guid mapunggan ang pagkusmod
kung lamok makalikaw sa imu paghanot.
Tan-awa ang kilay gulpi lang nagsampok,
Kay nakalupad pa ang buwisit nga lamok.

kenn jimena

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14 March 2003

Blue is the sky above,
turning the sky into blue.
Blue but the nighttime comes,
and I feel blue, that’s true.

Blue is her crying eyes
and the air is blue in here.
When the feeling is blue,
I know blue will be everywhere.

Blue butterflies in the garden,
kissing the scent of blue berries.
And the blue flower there
is feasted by blue jolly bees.

I remember the blue cold night;
I made her blue eyes cry.
Wearing the blue shirt I gave,
she said it very blue, ‘goodbye!’

kenn jimena

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3 March 2003

She comes out when it is night.
In the daytime, she always hides.
She likes to stay in the garage.
With my leftovers, she is attached.

She runs here and she runs there,
And I always stay away from her.
She eats my food that’s not yet cooked.
She destroys my shirts, pants, and books.

I am really tired and full of that Regina,
So give me the solution and the formula.
I am really going to kill her tonight.
I will find her wherever she hides.

In my kitchen, there she stays,
And ruins everything all over the place.
That mouse named Regina. Oh that mouse.
I will kill her and place her out of my house.

kenn jimena

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