Today’s the Day We Say Goodbye to Kevin Simmon


Words can’t provide the right adjectives to describe what we feel today.

We just want to say goodbye Kevin Simmon Jimena, but this is not forever. We will surely see you again… in the right time because we know someday from today you will surely read this and you will find us again.

Your Dada loves you so much.

Your Lolo Jepoy and Lola Pacit love you so much.

We all love you so much.



I Tell You, It Is Hard


26 July 2015

I was supposed to sleep and shut my eyes.
I was supposed to rest and on my bed I will lie.
I was supposed to quit thinking of you.
But I tell you, it is hard no matter how I try.

I find trouble when I stop myself dreaming.
I find trouble when i was supposed to be sleeping.
I find trouble but I have to fight this for you.
And I tell you, it is hard when you’re already caring.

Just swear that you will take care of yourself.
Just swear that you will let me know if you need help.
Just swear though I don’t know what I mean to you.
But I tell you, it is hard if I just keep this with myself
That I love you.


29 November 2013

Kasaw-a basahon ukon pamati-an ang Hiligaynon
Apang tinguhaan ko guid agud ini matigayon.
May dyutay nga kabudlay apang kinahanglan buhaton.
Mapabutyag guid lang ining luyag nakon.

Malawig nga mga inadlaw nga pas-an pas-an
Ining kabug-at kag kabudlay sa akon dughan.
Luyag ko man ihambal asta lang sa mu-al.
Mga tinaga gapanghawid sa akon tilaukan.

Masapnot ang tagsa ka pagtikab sang bibig.
Ang akon kaundan hinali lang nanlamig.
Luyag ko isinggit apang indi kapangakig.
Mabudlay kay daw isa ako ka maranhig.

Bulubaliswa lang sa akon guinaligiran.
Ang katuyo guinapangayo ko na nga mabatyagan.
Kasaw-a tungod indi ako dali-dali matulugan.
Indi mapatihan bangod ang kape akon man guinlikawan.

Madamo na nga tigbato ang akon nakurit.
Maayo pa ang tiki nga sa kisame gakabit
Huni-huni gamay maski sa diin makasab-it.
Ako ya indi guihapon ka tulog maski ano kapilit.

Miserable na guid ako siguro sa amo ni nga ti-on.
Ayos lang maski hambalon mo pa ako nga tikalon.
Ini nga kamingaw indi ko guid sa imo pag-akuon.
Ikaw na bahala kung ano ang luyag mo panumdumon.

Napayuhom man ako samtang guinabasa ko ini.
Ang kahimtangan ko matuod man gali nga miserable.
Butigon ako kung hambalon ko ang rason indi babaye.
Kadalawan ko na lang bangod maano man ako abi?

Hambala na kung ano man ang luyag mo.
Wala guid problema maski ikumparar mo ako sa tarso.
Nalingaw man ako gani kag wala guid sang kaso.
Maayo pa tane antes ako magtulog ikaw nasugilanon ko.

Tarungon ko na maski kasaw-a guid man matuod.
Daw waslik puder ka kay ang kamingaw ko imo guintabog.
Pati ang akon animo gulpi lang nagtabog
Gani daw basa nga pisu ako kay indi na kapahambog.

Gakaubusan ako sang mga tigbato nga iwakal
Tungod sa babaye nga indi ko man maipabugal.
Pasaylo lang kay talaw ako magresgo kag magsugal.
Sa pila ka adlaw kabay pa nga indi ko ini paghinulsulan.


3 November 2013

A mighty knight with a shining armor.
Well, definitely it ain’t going to be me.
I’m just a man with a pencil, paper, and color.
In my canvas, a thousand images you will see.

A superhero with mask, cape and mystery.
Well, definitely it ain’t going to be me.
I’m just a man in jeans and my ragged tees.
In my gestures, you can’t tell what I can be.

I am what I am and nothing can change me.
Well, definitely this how it is going to be.
I am just a man with no disguises and mysteries.
This is the real me according to what you see.

I Have To For Me

2 November 2013

I have to close my eyes so I can see.
To see things what they supposed to be.
To witness what they do against me.
I have to close my eyes for me to see.

I have to zip my lips so I can speak.
To say the words that I can’t take.
To shout to the world that I am not weak.
I have to zip my lips for me to speak.

I have to cover my ears so I can hear.
To pay attention to what is unclear.
To listen to the noise of the world of fear.
I have to cover my ears for me to hear.

I have to stop my heart so I can feel.
To touch one’s soul made of steel.
To care to those hearts that need to heal.
I have to stop my heart for me to feel.

I • The Nascency

I – The Nascency

9 August 2013

It was a moonless night. Silent. Only the gliding sound of the wind across the field of rice can be heard. So silent that you can hear the wind brushing the leaves of the trees. But that silence was suddenly broken. Melissa cried for help. She was about to bear a child. Everybody was rushing to see her. Even the neighbors were bothered so they also came to see her.
Lucky for her that Yolanda was there during that time. She is the town’s midwife who happened to visit Melissa’s neighbor, Griselda. Yes, she was very lucky ’cause her husband Ruben was not there during that time. Yolanda asked Griselda to prepare hot water and sterilize the scissors. And so they helped Melissa give birth for her first-born child. It was very difficult for her. She cried like thunder that almost everyone in the barrio could hear her.
Everyone in the room paused. Smiles of success can be seen from everyone’s faces when the baby’s cry was heard. It was a boy.

The Being

It started as a seed inside the fruit of its mother kind.
Drop to the ground filled with species both gentle and wild.
Waited for months to witness the sun and feel the air,
To learn how to survive in this world that is truly unfair.

With struggles it must adapt to things that surrounds it.
Embrace the coldness of winter and so the summer heat.
Strengthens its being to conquer the world of mysteries.
Answer every question that some never wanted to see.

In the silence it could hear his mind talking in languages,
And started to dream images beyond its real capabilities.
Now its imaginations are slowly brought into life.
Accepted by the world and this creature has nothing to hide.

Its name is a legend to every living and depending being.
Its mastery is a religion to some because it is blinding.
It forgets its kind and where it really came before.
A sudden demon, a master of greed, a being of ignores.

Now the mother kind drops a tear instead of a living fruit.
Worried that its kind will forget its flowers and roots.
Its prayer to its creator makes it live in patience,
That someday its grown fruit will feel a little conscience.

kenn jimena