This is Our Paradise.

23 November 2013

I was born in the waters of the flood
Where the land is showered by blood.
I cried along with the wind of the typhoon
And shut I am in the eye of the thunderstorm.

I was born the the middle of an earthquake
Where volcanoes made my land shake.
I cried along with the people of the Philippines.
My country is a paradise and fires within.

I am born in paradise and many Filipinos too.
We are lucky to have what others wanted to.
I cried because most of us don’t care.
This is our paradise.
A place where others wanted to have a share.


3 November 2013

A mighty knight with a shining armor.
Well, definitely it ain’t going to be me.
I’m just a man with a pencil, paper, and color.
In my canvas, a thousand images you will see.

A superhero with mask, cape and mystery.
Well, definitely it ain’t going to be me.
I’m just a man in jeans and my ragged tees.
In my gestures, you can’t tell what I can be.

I am what I am and nothing can change me.
Well, definitely this how it is going to be.
I am just a man with no disguises and mysteries.
This is the real me according to what you see.


Our world is a place for sacrifice.
Temptations are everywhere.
Let’s do our best not to look up on these temptations.
Temptations win if we fail to control ourselves.
Learn to stay away from it, and learn to sacrifice.
In the end, these sacrifices are sweet to look back in the glory days of our lives.

kenn jimena

Insomnia: Indi Katulog o Wala Gana Magtulog?

What a tiresome moment tonight. I can’t even finish the things I should have finished this day. I miss my pillow and my bed, yet, I can’t sleep no matter how hard I tried. What else should I do? Well, I get up again, and gently touch the keys of my PC. (Wala ko na guin-turn on kay 24/7 man ni gaandar.) As usual, FACEBOOK naman dayon eh. Pero wala pa ko nag-open sang messages or notifications. Instead, I click NOTES on the left side of my profile and Create Note. So amo na ni. I ought to write some phrases, but my mind didn’t go well. Hambal ko na lang sa pinsar ko, “kung ano lang da karon madumduman ko, te amo na eh.” So I start typing words and sentences. Tanan na lang nga madumduman ko, pati ang pasahero nga kasakay ko kahapon sa SM City-Proper. Naluoy guid ko sa iya. Studyante to sang St. Paul University. Pagpanaug niya sa jeep, nagsab-it ang hill sang sapatos ya, kundi, hurugpaas sa dalan eh. Naghapa guid. Maybe she was in a hurry because she was already late, kay sang sa jeep pa lang siya, relo ya lang nabantayan ya. Hehe! Anyway, ako man gani, late kagina sang aga. Sorry guid Ms. Memes, wala ko nabuksan dayon ang AVR, but I was thankful pag-abot ko kay wala man kapreparar ang mga students mo. Hehehe… (balikid sa wall clock…) It’s already 12:38 in the morning na gali. Sige lang ah. I’m not sleepy yet. Right now, I’m listening to YMAN’s Popcycle, Super Kapal ang title sang kanta. Wait lang ha, daw ma rest room ko….. mga 3 minutes lang ah.

After 4 minutes…
Ay! 4 minutes guid to? Nag-toothbrush pa abi ako kag nagPOND’s Facial wash. Siyempre, para indi ko magkapimples eh. Budlay na, law-ay na ako, pabay-an ko pa guid itsura ko? Ano na lang to bay? (“ ,) Oy! Nagbeep akon cellphone. (Hingagaw basa…) Ngeks, UBE News man lang gali. Tropical Depression RAMON: Signal No. 1 in Eastern and Western Samar, Leyte, Bohol, Biliran, Camotes, Surigao, Agusan Del Norte, Dinagat & Camiguin. Bla bla bla. P-Noy off to Hawaii on next month. (Lagaw naman?) Malacanan Palace declares Oct. 31 a holiday…. and dollar rate is P43.39 per 1$. La guid name nga balita subong ah. Puro lang law-ay. (Yawn!) Ay salamat, I finally feel sleepy. Pero basi kung ato na ko sa hiligdaan ko, indi naman ko katulog. Guinabw*s*t guid ko ni mo, damo lang bala madumduman kung gahigda na. Two glasses of milk na naubos ko, kay hambal nila, dali ka matulugan kung mag-inom gatas. Mapati pa ko guro kung Redhorse, sigurado, tulugan guid ko na dayon. Heheh! Try ko anay magsulat phrases ko antes magtulog ah. (Thinking… thinking… thinking…)

After a minute…
Wala guid ah. Amo na lang ni, may e-share na lang ko nga lyrics sang kanta. Nami man ni ah. Iya sang Scorpions nga banda. When Love Kills Love title niya. Amo ni lyrics niya:

Suddenly I think I always knew
I had my share of mistakes
Made quite a few
Finally I know and that´s for sure
I don´t look back in anger anymore
Suddenly the sun comes up again
There´s a new beginning
When we pass the end
Finally I know and that´s for sure
I don´t look back in anger anymore
Suddenly I wake up from the dream
Someone tells me
I´ve been talking in the sleep
Finally I know and that´s for sure
I don´t believe in daydreams anymore
When love kills love
Will someone rescue me
It´s cutting through so deep
Well life goes ´round
And upside down
It´s pretty mad
When love kills love
Will someone set me free
It´s cutting through so deep
How can we choose
When all we lose
Is all we have

Te, sige! Goodnight and good morning na lang da sa tanan. Ah. Thank you Lord! Amen!

kenn jimena

There Are Too Many Ways To Leave Your Lover

There are too many ways to leave your lover.
You can just turn your back,
No need to talk much.
You can kiss with goodbye,
No need to act shy.
You can hang your phone down,
No need to make a sound.
You can sign a sad letter,
No need to make it better.
You can just set yourself free,
No need to be somebody else s/he wanted you to be.

Now if you have other things in your mind,
No need to hesitate, DO IT NOW!

kenn jimena

What A Man Would Do To His Woman

22 July 2011

A man would always love to make his woman’s life right.
He may not have everything
but he’ll surely give his life to her.
He’ll always struggle to provide her needs.
He’ll make her smile in down times,
and will make her drop her tears in too much joy.
She’ll not only be his friend, his lover, his partner,
but she’ll be his reason to live.
She means everything to him.

I am a man,
and this is why I’m sharing this.

kenn jimena