The Elegy Of My Departure


Goodbye Milady,farewell to you,
My demise has arrived, my death due,
For thee ,this poem I wrote ere I died,
To tell you I love you, wish I tried.

Yon, I walk in the realm of the dead,
Thinking of words, we both whilom said,
‘Twas long before, when we’re together,
Now I am, in eternal slumber.

Too early mayhap, Hades took me,
Away from my love, avaunt from thee,
Nay did I have chance to say goodbye,
I had naught to do, but weep and cry.

Hark my words, Milady, for these come inwardly,
Wherever thou art, I’ll search for thee,
Someday I shall again, see you in afterlife,
Yonder mayhap you may, be my lawfully wedded wife.

john psalmuel chan

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