Young Minds: The Dawn Of Tomorrow

Winner, Iloilo PRISAAP English Festival, Poem Writing Competition

Life from a mother’s womb perceived,
New they are to the world, people perceived,
That they are still young and weak,
Joy and happiness, only what they seek.

They grew and grew, sometime after,
Things change, one might really ponder,
Earthlings, who once only joy they find,
Evolved into the youth, who has a working mind.

Compared to adults who have fully-grown,
Young minds definitely have advantages of their own,
Since the early times, the youth has shown,
Our untapped capabilities, yet to be honed.

Elders lead our present society,
But ageing they are, pressured by anxiety,
After sometime, they’ll be needing substitutes,
When they finally rest, and to God pay their last tributes.

Of enthusiasm, young minds are full,
We sought new things, we learn in school,
Our cognitive ideas, may still be immature,
But continually, our innate talents we nurture.

Active our lifestyle, our bones strong,
We don’t lose hope, when we do wrong,
We can endure, tedious activities,
Obviously, we can do more duties.

We stack up knowledge exponentially,
Naïve, sometimes we may be, truthfully,
But the outputs of our own cognitions,
Are sensible and laudable, without hesitations.

You may be able to pinpoint our Achilles’ heel,
We may fail, and with hopelessness kneel,
But I tell you, the youth again shall stand,
And continue the journey, we face at hand.

The youth is the future of the world,
To achieve globalisation, we need to unfold,
The best out of us, hopefully we will,
Strive to unite the world, that day until.

We are the youth, the dawn of tomorrow,
United as one, for a better tomorrow,
Hope on our hands, for a brighter tomorrow,
We are the youth, the dawn of tomorrow.

john psalmuel chan

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