Today’s the Day We Say Goodbye to Kevin Simmon


Words can’t provide the right adjectives to describe what we feel today.

We just want to say goodbye Kevin Simmon Jimena, but this is not forever. We will surely see you again… in the right time because we know someday from today you will surely read this and you will find us again.

Your Dada loves you so much.

Your Lolo Jepoy and Lola Pacit love you so much.

We all love you so much.


I Tell You, It Is Hard


26 July 2015

I was supposed to sleep and shut my eyes.
I was supposed to rest and on my bed I will lie.
I was supposed to quit thinking of you.
But I tell you, it is hard no matter how I try.

I find trouble when I stop myself dreaming.
I find trouble when i was supposed to be sleeping.
I find trouble but I have to fight this for you.
And I tell you, it is hard when you’re already caring.

Just swear that you will take care of yourself.
Just swear that you will let me know if you need help.
Just swear though I don’t know what I mean to you.
But I tell you, it is hard if I just keep this with myself
That I love you.