Nothing We Could Do

3 October 2018

I can sense pain and sadness in your gestures.
A badly hurt feeling of emotional torture.
I can smell gloom in the deepness of your soul.
Nothing we could do but pray for an early cure.

I can see the past of breakdown in your eyes.
A hidden agenda of truth behind your lies.
I can feel the aching heart even if you deny.
Nothing we could do even how hard we cry.

Nothing we could do with all the failures of you.
Nothing we could do but wish that it wasn’t true.
If only you have told me of what you’ve been through,
It could have been better even if there’s nothing we could do.

Today’s the Day We Say Goodbye to Kevin Simmon


Words can’t provide the right adjectives to describe what we feel today.

We just want to say goodbye Kevin Simmon Jimena, but this is not forever. We will surely see you again… in the right time because we know someday from today you will surely read this and you will find us again.

Your Dada loves you so much.

Your Lolo Jepoy and Lola Pacit love you so much.

We all love you so much.


The Passerby


28 February 2014

It’s 2:26 in the morning and still I can’t sleep.
Time is wasted and nothing of it I can keep.
You’re here in my mind and you keep me awake.
Seeing pictures of you but I know I couldn’t take.
I see your smiles even if you turn your back.
I hallucinate and I feel like I will have a heart attack.
It makes me sad b’cos it is the same in reality
And I know someday it will never be you and me.
I always try to pretend but I can take no more.
Living in a lie will bring more of agony than cure.
It’s 2:32 now and I still have a hard time to sleep.
It’s humiliating but I almost get myself to weep.
I have to stop now before it becomes too late
And try not to think of you even I am wide awake.
Adios, paalam, sayonara, or just a simple goodbye,
It doesn’t matter b’cos for you I am just a passerby.

This is Our Paradise.

23 November 2013

I was born in the waters of the flood
Where the land is showered by blood.
I cried along with the wind of the typhoon
And shut I am in the eye of the thunderstorm.

I was born the the middle of an earthquake
Where volcanoes made my land shake.
I cried along with the people of the Philippines.
My country is a paradise and fires within.

I am born in paradise and many Filipinos too.
We are lucky to have what others wanted to.
I cried because most of us don’t care.
This is our paradise.
A place where others wanted to have a share.


3 November 2013

A mighty knight with a shining armor.
Well, definitely it ain’t going to be me.
I’m just a man with a pencil, paper, and color.
In my canvas, a thousand images you will see.

A superhero with mask, cape and mystery.
Well, definitely it ain’t going to be me.
I’m just a man in jeans and my ragged tees.
In my gestures, you can’t tell what I can be.

I am what I am and nothing can change me.
Well, definitely this how it is going to be.
I am just a man with no disguises and mysteries.
This is the real me according to what you see.

I Have To For Me

2 November 2013

I have to close my eyes so I can see.
To see things what they supposed to be.
To witness what they do against me.
I have to close my eyes for me to see.

I have to zip my lips so I can speak.
To say the words that I can’t take.
To shout to the world that I am not weak.
I have to zip my lips for me to speak.

I have to cover my ears so I can hear.
To pay attention to what is unclear.
To listen to the noise of the world of fear.
I have to cover my ears for me to hear.

I have to stop my heart so I can feel.
To touch one’s soul made of steel.
To care to those hearts that need to heal.
I have to stop my heart for me to feel.

Do You?

29 June 2013

I regret that I told you before you know it.
Some say it’s a failure that I should forget.
I regret ‘cos things are not the same anymore.
Some say I’m busted ‘cos I just can’t have a score.

Do you know what time is it at this very moment?
Some say this is my curse and my punishment.
Do you know how hard for me to keep it as secret?
Some say I’ve gone crazy since the day we met.


What’s The Matter (With Me)

22 June 2013

It don’t matter if the sunshine will not be visible.
It don’t matter if the rain will never fall.
It don’t matter if the stars are so far away.
It don’t matter when the moon does not display.
It don’t matter if the road is winding and long.
It don’t matter if I’m weak and you’re strong.
It don’t matter how ugly I am when I cry.
It don’t matter and I don’t ask why.
It don’t matter if tears are in my eyes.
It don’t matter how you said goodbye.
It don’t matter how many times you break my heart.
It don’t matter how much I am hurt.
It don’t matter what I have to do.
It don’t matter what I am to you.
It don’t matter what it’s going to be.
What matters is what you are to me.

In His Will

1 June 2013

I got up from my bed with a smile on my face.
I know I am still blessed with heaven’s grace.
I talked to Him and said my little daily prayer.
Asked His guidance and protection for me to bear.

I idled for a while for something came into my head.
I remembered you like when I’m in my last night’s bed.
So I closed my eyes once more and called His name again,
That He may also protect and guide you away from evil things.

And now I’m writing this to let you know I remember you,
You are someone I should have known a long time ago.
I care for you though you may not feel it this time.
It ain’t owning, but in His will someday I may call you mine.

Just Like The Rain

31 May 2013

I can’t help myself, I can’t resist.
I can’t ignore, it persist.
I’m out of control, that is true.
I can’t avoid, I think of you.

See the rain? It pours heavily.
Just like you, you’re heavenly.
They’re from above, I cannot stop.
Just like me, I’m a crap.

Forgive me if I am like this.
You are someone I always miss.
Just like the rain, I cried.
It may not be visible, it’s inside.