Surely Slowly

13 July 2013

She moves so strange
as if we’re on a silent rage.
She talks so mean
but I know it’s not what she meant.
She disguises good
that she can’t be understood.
She is a book of mystery
and I need to know her slowly but surely.

kenn abuji

Such A Fool

22 May 2013

I have a secret place here in my mind
Where hidden thoughts of you they can’t find.
Now it’s heavy and it’s crashing my head
Added by the pieces of words you just said.

It keeps me awake though I avoid it to happen.
It lingers but I don’t know if it’s really pain.
I want to explode so this will turn into pieces.
Shattered bit by bit and fine as ashes.

I really want to convince you but I rather not.
This may lead our learning to immediately stop.
Come what may but my hope is still strong.
Chances are thin but I choose to go on.

I need you to know I’m happy this way.
Happy to be with you day after another day.
I’m such a fool for you to share such thoughts.
It’s okay as long as it will erase your doubts.

Let Me Hold Your Hand

Let Me Hold Your Hand

9 October 2010

The night has come and it’s getting cold.
I don’t mind who’s young and who’s old.
Truly it is real what other people told.
It is your hand that I wanted to hold.

I can’t get close though in your side I stand.
I can’t start the talk, I just really can’t.
I will just play things here in my mind
Because I really wanted to hold your hand.

Feel the breeze that comes from the west.
Sea waves are bending their highest crest.
Something I held here inside my chest.
Let me hold your hand where I could rest.

Secretly I whispered words without a sound.
I even wrote your name on the sand.
Lights are gone still I can’t understand
Why I always wanted to hold your hand.

kenn jimena

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