Because of That

29 June 2013

I don’t like you not because of what you did.
I don’t like you anymore simply because…
…of that bloody shiny lipstick you wear.
…of that thin black line above your eyes.
…of that gesture of yours is extremely proud.
…of the smile in your face is nowhere to find.
…of your presence has less value to me.
…you are not the same person I used to know.

That Smile

25 May 2013

It’s your smile i am missing.
Smile that’s worth keeping.
It’s your smile i need to see.
Smile that i thought was for me.

I know not what to do now.
That smile fade away somehow.
I know i have no reason at all.
That smile simply made me fall.

I’m getting crazy because if it.
That smile is now hard to get.
I’m getting insane of what i feel.
That smile is now out of nowhere.