What’s The Matter (With Me)

22 June 2013

It don’t matter if the sunshine will not be visible.
It don’t matter if the rain will never fall.
It don’t matter if the stars are so far away.
It don’t matter when the moon does not display.
It don’t matter if the road is winding and long.
It don’t matter if I’m weak and you’re strong.
It don’t matter how ugly I am when I cry.
It don’t matter and I don’t ask why.
It don’t matter if tears are in my eyes.
It don’t matter how you said goodbye.
It don’t matter how many times you break my heart.
It don’t matter how much I am hurt.
It don’t matter what I have to do.
It don’t matter what I am to you.
It don’t matter what it’s going to be.
What matters is what you are to me.


24 May 2013

A lovely lady came to me with tears in her eyes
I could see it though I can’t hear her cry.
I know not what to do but offered her a gentle smile,
Then I asked what happened with a little sigh.

She told me everything though we just met that day.
I paid an ear to the stories of pain and nothing i could say.
My lips started to shake and my tongue rolled in.
I pity her because her man, a man that is insane.

She said she couldn’t take the secrets anymore.
Secrets that made her suffer but she can’t ignore.
She wanted to leave him but she does still care.
My heart bled with her stories i couldn’t bear.

But instead to cast anger and walk my rage,
I spell words to her that may help her pain fade.
I’m a man and I should be fair to what I feel.
Anger is no help, it will just bring hope to ill.

But she has decided what to do with her life,
That sometimes she must lift herself with a little pride.
Let him go for the sake of all good things to happen.
For love to expose instead of being hidden.

Requested by & Dedicated to: M.A.U.JAY

Days From Now

20 February 3013

I don’t own you and I don’t hold the time too.
Days from now I will no longer be seeing you.
I don’t own anything but only the smiles you do.
For sure you will be taking a part of me when you go.

Days from now will no longer be my daily habit.
The smiles you bring I will no longer have it.
Until now I don’t know how to deal and admit,
This admiration for you will surely be hard to forget.

My lines might lost its thoughts and its rhymes.
The pen, the paper, they will soon be hard to find.
Days from now I’ll be counting the hands of time.
Why the pages of my life seems so very unkind?

I will see you then if our destinies will allow.
I will be seeing you no matter when and how.
So sad but I will just dream of you somehow,
So sad cos we will part ways days from now.