A 2nd Love


Our journey started when you came into my life.
Hoping someday, I will vow as your wife.
You said I am a blessing given by the Above,
a girl you’re gonna promise an eternal love.

Both of us are inseparable nothing can stop,
even others are telling me to end it up.
I don’t care what they’re trying to prove
as long both of us are bound with trust and love

Time goes by but sometimes we’re not that lucky.
In the middle of problems I found you in others’ company.
Fed up by your attitude, and was stressed out.
I just decided to end the years we have build up.

But destiny tried to pull us back together
after both of us have healed, ready to be as lover.
We will be a family nothing can destroy,
founded by our love, trust, respect and joy.

nelisa jagna-an

* image source

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