The Passerby


28 February 2014

It’s 2:26 in the morning and still I can’t sleep.
Time is wasted and nothing of it I can keep.
You’re here in my mind and you keep me awake.
Seeing pictures of you but I know I couldn’t take.
I see your smiles even if you turn your back.
I hallucinate and I feel like I will have a heart attack.
It makes me sad b’cos it is the same in reality
And I know someday it will never be you and me.
I always try to pretend but I can take no more.
Living in a lie will bring more of agony than cure.
It’s 2:32 now and I still have a hard time to sleep.
It’s humiliating but I almost get myself to weep.
I have to stop now before it becomes too late
And try not to think of you even I am wide awake.
Adios, paalam, sayonara, or just a simple goodbye,
It doesn’t matter b’cos for you I am just a passerby.

If You Think

20 January 2014

I keep on erasing words to complete my lines.
Foolish I am ’cause thinking of you I shouldn’t mind.
I know someone like you will never be mine.
Foolish me ’cause things like this is a waste of time.

I keep on making new habits to divert my thoughts.
Foolish I am ’cause I lose all the battles I fought.
I know someone like you will never be caught.
Foolish me ’cause seeing you is like a goop.

I’ll just bite my toe nails if only I could.
Crazy it may sound as long as it will feel good.
I know a person like you is always not in a mood.
Crazy me if I fall on you but I don’t think I would.

I’ll just send a message if I am less than a man.
Crazy it may and you know it to yourself that I can.
I know a person like you will never be the one.
Crazy me if I will love you like the way I always am.

Who Am I To Complain

30 November 2013

I get annoyed with the colors on your cheeks
And the bloody wax that covers your lips.
But who am I to complain of what I supposed to seek?
You will never be the one that I am to keep.

I don’t want to look at you and mess my day
Because it is not I who should count your ways.
But who am I to complain, and what should I say?
You will never be the one because you will never stay.

I’m sorry to tell you what you’re not supposed to hear
And I shouldn’t be telling you what you can’t bear.
But who am I to complain of what I always fear?
You will never be the one who’s worth of my tears.


29 November 2013

Kasaw-a basahon ukon pamati-an ang Hiligaynon
Apang tinguhaan ko guid agud ini matigayon.
May dyutay nga kabudlay apang kinahanglan buhaton.
Mapabutyag guid lang ining luyag nakon.

Malawig nga mga inadlaw nga pas-an pas-an
Ining kabug-at kag kabudlay sa akon dughan.
Luyag ko man ihambal asta lang sa mu-al.
Mga tinaga gapanghawid sa akon tilaukan.

Masapnot ang tagsa ka pagtikab sang bibig.
Ang akon kaundan hinali lang nanlamig.
Luyag ko isinggit apang indi kapangakig.
Mabudlay kay daw isa ako ka maranhig.

Bulubaliswa lang sa akon guinaligiran.
Ang katuyo guinapangayo ko na nga mabatyagan.
Kasaw-a tungod indi ako dali-dali matulugan.
Indi mapatihan bangod ang kape akon man guinlikawan.

Madamo na nga tigbato ang akon nakurit.
Maayo pa ang tiki nga sa kisame gakabit
Huni-huni gamay maski sa diin makasab-it.
Ako ya indi guihapon ka tulog maski ano kapilit.

Miserable na guid ako siguro sa amo ni nga ti-on.
Ayos lang maski hambalon mo pa ako nga tikalon.
Ini nga kamingaw indi ko guid sa imo pag-akuon.
Ikaw na bahala kung ano ang luyag mo panumdumon.

Napayuhom man ako samtang guinabasa ko ini.
Ang kahimtangan ko matuod man gali nga miserable.
Butigon ako kung hambalon ko ang rason indi babaye.
Kadalawan ko na lang bangod maano man ako abi?

Hambala na kung ano man ang luyag mo.
Wala guid problema maski ikumparar mo ako sa tarso.
Nalingaw man ako gani kag wala guid sang kaso.
Maayo pa tane antes ako magtulog ikaw nasugilanon ko.

Tarungon ko na maski kasaw-a guid man matuod.
Daw waslik puder ka kay ang kamingaw ko imo guintabog.
Pati ang akon animo gulpi lang nagtabog
Gani daw basa nga pisu ako kay indi na kapahambog.

Gakaubusan ako sang mga tigbato nga iwakal
Tungod sa babaye nga indi ko man maipabugal.
Pasaylo lang kay talaw ako magresgo kag magsugal.
Sa pila ka adlaw kabay pa nga indi ko ini paghinulsulan.


3 November 2013

A mighty knight with a shining armor.
Well, definitely it ain’t going to be me.
I’m just a man with a pencil, paper, and color.
In my canvas, a thousand images you will see.

A superhero with mask, cape and mystery.
Well, definitely it ain’t going to be me.
I’m just a man in jeans and my ragged tees.
In my gestures, you can’t tell what I can be.

I am what I am and nothing can change me.
Well, definitely this how it is going to be.
I am just a man with no disguises and mysteries.
This is the real me according to what you see.

I Have To For Me

2 November 2013

I have to close my eyes so I can see.
To see things what they supposed to be.
To witness what they do against me.
I have to close my eyes for me to see.

I have to zip my lips so I can speak.
To say the words that I can’t take.
To shout to the world that I am not weak.
I have to zip my lips for me to speak.

I have to cover my ears so I can hear.
To pay attention to what is unclear.
To listen to the noise of the world of fear.
I have to cover my ears for me to hear.

I have to stop my heart so I can feel.
To touch one’s soul made of steel.
To care to those hearts that need to heal.
I have to stop my heart for me to feel.

It Is Easy

5 July 2013

It is easy now than it was before.
It is easy though I still have to ignore.
Worry not ’cause I will you bother no more.
It is easy and I need not to score.

It is easy now to look at your face.
It is easy though I know it is still a race.
Worry not and I’m not after your grace.
It is easy and I need not to hurry my pace.

It is easy now and we can talk better.
It is easy though before it was easier.
Worry not ’cause I will not mind either.
It is easy and I need not to make it harder.

It is easy now and I can handle what I do.
It is easy for me but how about you?
Worry not ’cause I know you are tough too.
It is easy and I need not to care about you.

Because of That

29 June 2013

I don’t like you not because of what you did.
I don’t like you anymore simply because…
…of that bloody shiny lipstick you wear.
…of that thin black line above your eyes.
…of that gesture of yours is extremely proud.
…of the smile in your face is nowhere to find.
…of your presence has less value to me.
…you are not the same person I used to know.

I Love Numbers

30 May 2013

I love numbers more than I did before
But I struggle with words though I could do more.
I lost my rhythm to the tunes I used to play
And I can hardly utter what I ought to say.

I love numbers but I lost my arithmetic
And because of this I’m hopelessly romantic.
I lost my rhyme, my beat, and my tune.
With all of these, I still search for a solution.

I love numbers more than I could imagine
But what I mean to you is hard to determine.
I lost my rhythm but I don’t have to worry.
What really matter is what you are to me.

I love numbers more and that’s because of you.
You may have doubts on me but this is true.
I lost my rhymes and perhaps my words, too.
I won’t worry! To you, there’s so much I could do.

kenn jimena

Such A Fool

22 May 2013

I have a secret place here in my mind
Where hidden thoughts of you they can’t find.
Now it’s heavy and it’s crashing my head
Added by the pieces of words you just said.

It keeps me awake though I avoid it to happen.
It lingers but I don’t know if it’s really pain.
I want to explode so this will turn into pieces.
Shattered bit by bit and fine as ashes.

I really want to convince you but I rather not.
This may lead our learning to immediately stop.
Come what may but my hope is still strong.
Chances are thin but I choose to go on.

I need you to know I’m happy this way.
Happy to be with you day after another day.
I’m such a fool for you to share such thoughts.
It’s okay as long as it will erase your doubts.