What A Man Would Do To His Woman

22 July 2011

A man would always love to make his woman’s life right.
He may not have everything
but he’ll surely give his life to her.
He’ll always struggle to provide her needs.
He’ll make her smile in down times,
and will make her drop her tears in too much joy.
She’ll not only be his friend, his lover, his partner,
but she’ll be his reason to live.
She means everything to him.

I am a man,
and this is why I’m sharing this.

kenn jimena

What Is A Woman?

21 July 2011

What is a woman?
A woman is supposed to be a man’s partner, not to be his master.
She is supposed to be loved by him, not to be worshiped.
But if she thinks she’s a goddess to be worshiped,
she must provide the man’s need:
Care, Affection, Trust, Understanding, and Love.

kenn jimena

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