19 December 2001

I have the light so bright in my sight,
so hold me tight tonight with all your might.
I cannot help myself to look where you are.
I can’t resist insisting even that you are far.

Hold my hand and make me understand.
Help me stand and let us discover what’s beyond.
Held me in your arms and give me all your charms.
The warm barm in your beer makes no harm.

Have no fear and tears to waste.
Must have swears and cares to be gazed.
I guess I miss some days with you,
but my best is less to speak in what I do.

I’ll be happy on what I see and that’s all
even it is not easy for me before.
There will be no goodbyes and lies to try.
She’ll have no guys and cries causing her to die.

kenn jimena

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