The Un-Minded Past

20 September 2011

I don’t care what lies in your past
whether you’re torn, hurt, or crashed.
I don’t care if you have been to places,
to graces, to sadness, to badness, to madness.

I never think of what you’ve been through.
I never think things that caused sorrow.
I don’t mind the man who made you cry.
I’m here to make you smile, my oh my.

What I think now are the things that lie ahead.
I’ve been wandering in circles here in my head.
Come what may as long as I serve you
until all the days of my life are through. end

Be My Girlfriend II

My Girlfriend?

13 September 2011

I think several times but still I almost hesitate.
I need to risk and walk through the hands of fate.
I am afraid but I am more afraid for this to end.
I’d like to ask if it’s okay for you to be my girlfriend.

I apologize if things get rough and paces too fast.
I just couldn’t hide the words that I need to cast.
I may not as rich as other men whose hearts mend
but I need to know if it’s okay for you to be my girlfriend.

What more should I say ‘cause all these means the same?
I need to be with you and I think I’m getting insane.
No more sweet and cloudy lines for me to send.
I would just like to know if soon you’ll be my girlfriend. end

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